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SECP Registration No: 571794

National Tax Number (NTN): A -019698-6 is a match-making service with a whole new concept of going about marriage the unconventional way. Presenting ‘Personalized Match-making’ at your convenience, we offer an extensive range of choices based on your very own vision of a spouse -- making it easy for you to meet people worth spending your time with. The goal is to help successful, single, men and women find reliable and suitable partners for marriage.

Nikah pk prides itself on its exclusivity, assisting you toward your nuptial vows with special care and attention while keeping your safety and privacy intact. The company operates nationwide with correspondents in major cities, and aims toward a global outreach with representatives in the United Kingdom, United States, Gulf, Germany, Canada and elsewhere.

Equipped with the largest private database of accomplished singles both within and beyond the country, we facilitate our clients by assigning a matchmaker or intermediary to understand their individual needs. Our executive board and client liaisons work together to ensure success for our clients by making use of their invaluable knowledge and experience.

We aspire to become the most sought after matrimonial services provider in the near future. Our professionally skilled team has been trained to guide you and recommend compatible members on the basis of numerous criterions. This may include personal preferences with regards to education, background, personality traits, relationship goals and much more.

Seeking your significant other can be a frustrating task, which can leave you all baffled. Investing in a professional matchmaker is what can make the job handy. Let us steer you in the right direction and help you find the “One”. Get hold of our incredible matchmaking services and transform your soul mate search into a wonderful experience. You owe it to yourself.

At Nikah pk we cater to our respectable candidate irrespective of their background, religion, race, ethnicity, geographical region or age range. 

About nikahpk Rishta
nikah Rishta is Pakistan's most visited Online Matrimonial Service. We offer both Free Self Manageable Profiles as well as personalized help. The purpose of this project is not to make profits or make money out of your situation. We do not work like typical Marriage Bureaus of Pakistan who may charge upfront money and just send any proposals. We won't say "We are different" because you may have heard this too from those typical Marriage Bureaus. Here is a simple way to analyze the difference. If you believe internet is future and if you find us to have the best presence on the internet, and if as a result of this you found us. Then your suitable match also has more probability to be on our list looking for you.

We take your privacy seriously and do our best to give you the options to keep your private info hidden. Ready to start your new life? Let's get started. Let us know some relevant info and what you are looking for in your life partner. Click Here to Register Now.

Complete proposals Nikah recharge details

Male Nikah 50,000 tu 150,000

female Nikah 30,000 tu 10.0000

SECP authorised number 571794

Zaroori Maloomat ?

nikah pk is only providing online relationship services. We are not responsible for the authenticity of the member's personal information. You must verify the information provided for your chosen relationship. Nikah pk will not be liable in case of any dispute or quarrel after marriage. In case of any fraud or deception, the fee you have submitted will not be refunded.

Why to choose us?

Our team at nikah pk is unique rishta finder to you-

  • Provide personalized and individual service
  • Leverage the power of technology and algorithms
  • Team has decades of experience in matchmaking, technology and enterprise.
  • Identify and detecting your preferences
  • Understand the sensitivity of process and the "amana" (sacred trust) you have placed in us.
  • Work in a methodical, organized and disciplined manner.
  • Maintain ethical, professional and personal standards

Marriage is the most important decision you will make in your life and we hope to help you in the process.

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